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The Master Key System: Live your Life on Higher Planes

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Premium Student Handbook

The Master Key

27.00 Euro
Your perfect companion for your Master Key System studies. Summaries, checklists, recommendations. Get the most out of your six months of studying, and never look back!
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The Original - only better

The Master Key System Centenary Edition

47.00 Euro
There is simply nothing that compares, even over a century after it was first published. Timeless wisdom in 24 chapters. A systematic approach, combined with practical exercises. First the mind, then the heart; first the male, then the female. Perfect harmony. Includes a 6-months email support service with 2 mails per week, as well as one video for each of the 24 chapters. For this price an absolute steal!
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Unmatched - SINCE 2011!

The Visual Master Key

49.00 Euro
Nothing like this exists elsewhere: A book on a panorama. Over 200 keywords, each one clickable, with a meditation, an auto-rotate as well as a meditation mode. Preferably watched on a large screen, if not a fat big TV. You read this right. There's nothing comparable. 
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Secret Sacreds

If there's one talk you should listen to this year, it may be this one! At the Karatbars Global Leaders Headquarters Week in Stuttgart, Germany, Helmar Rudolph gave a talk on a variety of topics, all of them extremely relevant for your road to success. Helmar talks about the Maya Calendar, the Playing Cards, the amazing chakra system, Numerology, the 7 Hermetic Principles, and of course the Master Key System, too.

No one explains those subjects in a more concise and easily understandable way than Helmar. Enjoy this talk, which was recorded by a delegate. If you have problems understanding, please enable the Closed Captions (CC button).

Learn from one of the best, and get valuable tips on how to use sacred secrets for more health, wealth and happiness.
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Music for your mind

There are a number of Master Key System audio books on the market. Some commercial, others free of charge. Yet there's nothing like the new Mr. Master Key audio book.  Recorded by a professional voice artist who also studies the Master Key System (!), enhanced with custom-composed music by a professional producer, and mixed and mastered by Helmar Rudolph. 
More than 11 hours of playing time - a masterpiece for only 79.00 Euro
This audio book includes the extended foreword from the 1941 UK Edition as well as Helmar's extensive commentary, which was carefully woven into the original.
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You never walk alone

Since tens of thousands of people from all over the world have purchased Helmar's products and services. The vast majority of them from German-speaking countries, and others from the USA, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, the UAE - to name but a few.  Below two references from very happy campers.
I have been actively seeking for the past three years, and as soon as I saw your Kybalion videos I realized this was the next step - that this was the culmination of everything. I am so stoked. Thank you so much for all of your work!
Tim Trapnell
San Diego, CA, USA
You are so knowledgable and inspire me every time I listen to you - thank you
Julie Davison


Wisdom for your soul

Many years ago I recorded a study service comprising 13 hours of video material. If you liked what you saw on Youtube, here's your chance for more. It's also your entry ticket for the brand-new, comprehensive "life transformation course" scheduled for 2020. It will offer you my -by then- 13 years of MKS experience, Hermeticism, the Chakras, the Cards, and practical stuff galore. 
The world has not seen anything like this before!
Get the current version NOW and save BIG on the "out of this world" version scheduled for next year!