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All is law; Law is all

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One of the fundamental truths we learn in the MKS is that all is law. Everything in the Universe is governed by law - everything. When I first read this, it certainly did register on some level, but never really sank in. But the more I went over the individual parts again, and the more this divine knowledge started to take roots, the more I understood the meaning of it.

Sure, one comes to know about the Hermetic Principles, which form the basis of the MKS, but the moment you grasp that your life isn't subject to chance or luck or fate, you come into contact with a Power that is difficult to describe.

This is also what Chapter 14 deals with, namely our ability to consciously withdraw energy from something. So far we've learnt to put additional energy into something by means of paying attention, but now we learn that something will also go away when we stop paying attention to it. This is the Discipline of Thinking Charles Haanel is talking about. By negating negative influences, we are withdrawing our energy, and without energy there simply is no life. Sure, it doesn't mean something doesn't exist, but the point is that if we withdraw energy from it, it seizes to exist for us. Others will still pay attention to it and it will therefore live for them, but this is their choice and thus their manifestation. You decide for yourself, and you know by now that negative conditions can be reversed by the power of your thought, read: by focussing, thus concentrating and thus becoming conscious of what you wish to manifest in your life.

Health, Wealth and Happiness are states of consciousness, and they are obtained by a process of transformation, powered by your truthful and disciplined thinking, with the result of a new programming taking root in your Subconscious Mind, the place of manifestation.

Do you see how it all comes together? Initially you've learned that there is only one Consciousness that can think, and when it thinks, thoughts become things. High vibrations are stepped down and turn into matter. Past programming is replaced with new programming. New thoughts turn into new things. Your thinking is what makes or breaks you. It is your understanding and your bringing yourself into alignment with Universal Law that will bring about Health, Wealth and Happiness for you, and this is LAW and not chance or luck.

So, as everything is law, you know that you can obtain whatever you desire. All you have to do is find out the law behind it and then apply its principles. This is what the MKS is all about, and when you allow yourself to absorb the divine wisdom contained within it, you will become the Master Architect of your own life.

Coming back to denying negative conditions: when things are brought into manifestation by paying attention to them, the same principle applies to the reverse, that things are brought out of manifestation by denial. Again, this denial won't show immediate results, but a steady process of refusing to tune into such frequencies (vibrations, "vibes", and thus energies) will result in those things to disappear from your life.

An example: If you stop listening to one radio station, you will very soon no longer be able to tell what is broadcast there. But as you replace this with something else, you will be able to tell more about this "something else". The fact is that you do this anyway every single day of your life, but now you are beginning to do it consciously, and this will make all the difference.

If you are among those who still need to "see" results, take good note of what this chapter contains and do not hesitate to revisit the previous chapters, too. Your attention is directed still too much on the negative conditions rather on setting new causes (Chapter 13!) by the power of your mind.

Your life will change once you have obtained a new mental attitude. This attitude is the result of persistence in combination with truthful thinking, and this thinking is what you have to make a discipline of, which is only obtained through repetition, read: exercise.

So, if your life is not what you want it to be, redouble your efforts, or in MKS-terms: start from the beginning, for it is the exercises that change you, not the simply weekly progression through the chapters.