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Allowing someone else to do the thinking for you

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Another thought that occurred to me is this: the battleship is just a useless piece of metal without those manning it. Those manning it are following orders. They are - at a larger level - not doing their own thinking, because if they spent some time mulling over the death and destruction they bring about, they would stop doing that in an instant.

This example with the battleship shows what the outcome is when large numbers of people are led, rather than them leading. Haanel says in a later part that masses are always led, they never lead themselves. Why? Simply because they don't think for themselves, but the thinking is done for them. Only then can evil things such as battleships come into existence. Obviously the battleship is just a symbol of a much larger evil, and that is war itself, which just like the battleship can only take place if masses of people are disengaged from thinking.

So this exercise should give you plenty of food for thought and once and for all stop you from being thought for you. Instead, you are becoming an independent thinker, a conscious co-creator, and your creations are beautiful, harmonious and to the benefit of mankind.

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