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Chapter 2: The importance of the strong and often repeated counter argument

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In chapter 2 we learn about making a strong counter argument the moment we catch ourselves in negative thoughts, words or acting out those patterns, and keep repeating it in order to form a new habit.

It cannot be stressed often enough to spend time and effort on understanding this, because untold numbers of people haven't got any idea what they are doing to themselves by fighting the things they don't like, by letting their thoughts run wild and not consciously deciding what is being passed on to the Subconscious Mind.

The only way to really change anything to the better is to move energetically, read: consciously, to the other pole, because only then you will become more conscious of what's taking place there and therefore automatically less conscious about what's taking place at the other pole. And this is effected by making the counter argument.

Take your time to internalise this and also listen to what you are saying, about the "I cannot" or "I want", etc, because soon you will discover that you have to phrase everything as if you already have it, because that's the only way you WILL ever get it.

Past thinking resulted in your current reality, and your current thinking will result in your future reality, so affirm now in mind and word that that you wish to manifest. Don't get misled by your senses! They show you the results of past thinking.