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Chapter 2: the meaning of inhibiting all though

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The other day in the German forum the subject of inhibiting all thought came, as someone found the exercise of Chapter 2 contradictory. If one inhibits all thought, "inhibiting" in the sense of shutting them off, how can one control them?

On close inspection the initial German translation proved less than optimal, but because there might be some confusion about this, allow me to explain what's meant with it.

If you inhibit all thought, it means you slowing them down rather than letting them flow uncontrollably or shutting them off altogether. The slowing down allows you to become aware of them, and once aware of them, you can decide whether to entertain them any longer or reject them right away.

This way you gain control over your thoughts and therefore your entire life. As thought-control is the essence of the Master Key System, I found it important to point this out to you, so that you can master this exercise with ease and proceed to Chapter 3.