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Chapter 4: About the Real I, or True Self

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This is sooo important - to understand that you are neither your mind nor your body. Both are tools to act out your current life/reality. The controling unit behind it is your real "I", which is unbound, infinite, unlimited.

If you really understand that your real "I" is one with the Infinite, you'll come to appreciate that there are no limits other than those that you place on yourself. You are no longer bound, but create for yourself whatever you set your mind on. With the MKS you learn how to bring things from the Unmanifest into the Manifest, and in order to do so, spend some time understanding and really getting what it means that the unit that controls your behaviour is not really bound by or to anything.

Compare this to your current life and all the limitations you experience. They only exist because of insufficient information on your side. Enlarge the amount of information you absorb and recognise new patterns, from which you will then take decisions that will lead to a new, healthy, wealthy and happy life.