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Co-operating with the Omnipotent

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This is short and sweet - at least as far as I currently understand it. There exists a forward movement of the Universe. Over the millenia it has replaced one version with a more capable one; it has used time to perfect things. Sure, as everything goes in cycles (or periods or rhythms), sometimes it folds itself in or takes a detour, but the forward movement is apparent.

Charles Haanel writes that the Natural Laws are there for our favor, but if we keep violating or ignoring them, we will not derive a benefit. So we can ignore electricity or we can use it to our benefit. Same with gravity. Same with implosion and other natural forces. Or scalar waves. Long subject, same outcome. The more we tune ourselves into and align ourselves with all the great stuff that Nature has provided us with, the more abundant and fulfilling our lives will be.

If that is too abstract for you, then remember the next time you meditate, that you are getting yourself tuned into the Schumann Resonance, a standing wave "circling" the earth between its crust and the Ionosphere, about 50-60 miles above the Earth's surface. In a meditative state, you open the tap to the Universal Consciousness and literally connect with others who are also meditating. This way you come into the enjoyment of much more information, read: inspiration through intuition, than your conscious mind could ever come up with. This is a perfect example of you making use of Natural Laws. You also realize that there is a perfect "balance" between the spiritual and the scientific - they are not as removed as some are trying to make it out.

So by you getting into alignment with the Omnipotent, you are removing any kind of resistance to it. The lack of resistance results in harmony. Your conscious cooperation allows you to tap into the flow, into all that exists. If you fail to do it; if you keep minding your own business, you will see the gap widening and friction increasing. The more harmonious and abundant your life is, the more you know that you are on the right track. If you are still experiencing any kind of lack or limitation, then you know that you have deviated from the track. Get back on! NOW! You'll be so glad you did.