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Developing a predominant mental attitude

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The Master Key System is not about some positive thinking that we entertain every now and then. It is about a new mental attitude that we cultivate and nurture, so that it can take a firm hold within our entire being.

This part tells us about the Law of Cause and Effect. In Part 11 we've learned that Inductive Reasoning gets us from Belief to Knowledge. Here we learn that for every distinct cause there is an effect. The same cause will inevitably have the same effect.

For us this means that if we continue thinking the way we've thought before, we'll continue to receive what we've received before. And as we now know, having absolved half of the MKS course, the solution lies once again in our thinking. It is that changed way of looking at things, evaluating them - "slotting them in" so to say - that creates new causes and therefore new effects.

Once again, it takes discipline to obtain this predominant mental attitude. Old habits die hard, the saying goes, but they do die eventually. They die because you starve them off their attention, because you are mentally moving towards the other pole with an opposite polarity, read "quality". That's where you are anchoring yourself, and this anchoring is done through mere repetition. Let others think what they want. All that matters is what you think and consequently what you experience in life.

Chance, happenstance, accident,.... all that leaves your life and you know for sure that Law governs your life, a life which you are creating with every breath you take. Remember, NOW is the moment of Power. NOW you decide on the quality of the thoughts you entertain. Remember that the subconscious doesn't argue. It simply executes, and it does so without fail. So send it only thoughts of abundance, harmony, love, compassion, understanding, commitment, stability and such, because those are the qualities you would then like to see manifested in your life.

The subconscious converts those thoughts into tangible values, but only if you keep sending them, keep entertaining them, keep having them. This way your physical being changes completely and your nervous sensitivities convert from the old to the new. You are being born again!