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... is probably what tempts most people to the Master Key System. However, with good reason, Charles Haanel puts the "money thing" right at the back, because after 5.5 months of studying, you will have developed a completely different mindset and gained a completely new understanding. Then, and only then, it is time to understand that money is a means, but not an end.

Charles Haanel puts our service to Mankind first; the result is material wealth for us. And yes, we are entitled to this material wealth. We have a birthright to live in abundance. Abundance is not the same as greed, because the latter revolves mainly around taking advantage of others weakness, taking away things rather than adding them.

We learn in this part that we cannot find lasting satisfaction in material things, because we are of a spiritual nature, so only spiritual things like happiness and harmony will give us that satisfaction. Money, however, is the "gel" that keeps it together, that keeps things flowing, and the more we have, the more we can give, and the more we give, the more we will receive, but first we have to give. And for that very reason we are developing a money consciousness in service of Mankind, uplifting and enriching those that cross our path.

If you remember the title of part 21... there we have learnt about thinking big thoughts. If we continue thinking on the same level as before, which in most cases was pretty low (otherwise, why bother with the MKS?), we will continue getting the effects of this low level of thinking. So with the big thoughts and sufficient energy, we create a better world for all of us. You see, the MKS is not about self-enrichment, but about all-enrichment, about lifting Mankind onto a new level of existence. However, in the process - through the Law of Attraction - you are getting more and more wealthy, too, because we are dealing with Natural Law here, not with chance or happenstance.

By now you will understand the systematic approach Charles Haanel has chosen not only in the exercises, but also in the actual parts of the MKS, you will come to appreciate the great value that it holds for those keen enough to look a bit closer. So look closer and understand what money is there for. Apply the principles learnt in the MKS and you will never ever go without again in your life, but be a fountain of creation for all those that cross your path.

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