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Increasing your Vital Force

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I am not sure why Charles Haanel put this topic so far back in the course, because it is of paramount importance. It also links into the exercises of Parts 1-4 and some comments of his in part 5.

We should not delude ourselves in thinking that we can embark on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth without a corresponding increase in our Vital Force. In Part 5 Haanel talks about moral, mental and physical purity. So what we eat, drink and how we exercise, stay fit and flexible is an integral part of it, and anyone neglecting this aspect of growth will find it increasingly difficult to continue on this journey. Why? Because if the energy is used up to maintain the physical system, not enough or nothing is left for our brain activities.

Thinking eats up a LOT of oxygen and requires good food, because in order to be effective it needs to be harmonious, systematic and constructive, and not just here and there and inbetween. If our focus (attention, concentration) cannot be kept in one place for long enough because the body once again demands attention (indicating the presence of resistance and therefor the absence of "flow"), then we will never be able to accomplish what we've set out to. This is not rocket science, just pure common sense.

So, have fun on this journey and see your mental capabilities and physical abilities go through the roof while you are cleansing yourself and strengthening yourself for the tasks that lie ahead. If you have any questions regarding the raising of your life force, feel free to ask here to spend some time searching, using the appropriate keywords.

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