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Mental house-cleaning

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In this part it's important to remember that we have to engage in a constant process of mental, physical and moral house-cleaning. We've become who we are through various types and sources of programming, most of them beyond our control, as they happened in the first couple of years. It just went in, unquestioned, irrefuted, undoubted.

So, now is the time to get rid of mental and physical extras. Now is the time to build a mental home made of only the best material, the best ingredients. And these ingredients are simply thoughts of love, health and abundance in all relations. Form a new habit. Prevent any doubt or negative thought from entering your sphere of consciousness. Should a thought of that nature come up, accept it lovingly, clothe it in light and send it back to the source. It has served its purpose and is now ready to be transcended, transmuted and transformed by yourself.

Once again, if we make a habit out of it, we BECOME that what we have thought. So from now on develop a love consciousness, a health consciousness and a wealth consciousness by simple paying attention to ONLY that and nothing else. Think like a lover, think like a champ, think like a wealthy person. Be a lover, be a champ, be rich! It's your birthright, but if you don't ask the question, how could it come to you!

Pay attention to what you are paying attention to. Watch yourself think! Correct yourself in the moment! Go to the other side, the other pole, the other end of the stick. The more you move to the other side, the more you move away from the side you're currently on. It's the principle of polarity.

At all times affirm your oneness with the Infinite, because the Infinite is part of you. It knows that. Now it's time you remember, that you know that you're part of the Infinite too, and that unlimited resources are at your disposal. Just ask the question, make that mental appropriation. Do it because you can - you'll be so glad you did. 🙂