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Mindfulness for a better life

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Because of its utmost importance in your daily practice, I would like to draw your attention once again to the counter argument. This is absolute key! If you aren't aware of your thinking, your words or actions, there is no way you will ever move in another direction. Our (subconscious) programming lets us act out our life pretty much automatically, so we aren't even aware of what we think, say or do, because it is us.

If however, you don't like what you perceive on the outside, it is paramount that you learn how to observe yourself, that you 'watch' your thinking, and that you catch yourself the moment you think or say or act negatively. Then stop for a brief moment and offer the counter argument. This changes the polarity of your thought and most likely the way you feel about something. It certainly makes you feel good about yourself.

Master your thoughts, master your life!

You don't have to know 100% how that counter argument looks like, but if - for instance - you feel bad about another person, send that person love, understanding, forgiveness, strength and courage. In other words: be compassionate. Even if that energy, that thought, never reaches the other person, at least it has gone through yourself and changed the quality of your thoughts and thus the quality of your own vibrational makeup. So you see you're doing yourself a favour, too!

If you make a habit of it; if you practice what the Buddhists call 'mindfulness', then you do yourself the biggest favour ever, because you are becoming more discerning, more balanced in your judgment, more compassionate, and in essence far more intelligent!

Step by step, through this process of self-discovery, you are becoming a master of your own life and thus destiny. That this will have an impact on your emotional and thus physical being goes without saying. That this will then result in you becoming more stable, but also more motivated and courageous, also goes without saying.

So, if you still perceive something bad or negative on the outside, remember that it is your consciousness only that perceives it that way. Someone else may look at it and perceive it completely different. And as it is your consciousness, read: your story, it is also you who can and will change it. Step out, liberate yourself, stake that claim and catch yourself every time you have a negative thought. Then turn around and offer something of a benevolent quality. Then wonder and be amazed how good it makes you feel, and how beneficial this is for whatever follows suit.