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Positive Thinking is only the beginning

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Often I hear people say "Well, I've now been thinking positively for so long, and still, nothing is happening!" Well, yeah, right, how can something happen if you don't take it the next step and actually DO something?

We gotta get crackin', because if we don't, we miss out on that vital element in the chain towards materialisation or manifestation. This also means we need to get fit, because if we have high hopes or better high ideals, then we need sufficient energy, physical and mental, in order to accomplish said ideals.

If we carry on the way we've lived in the past, we'll keep getting what we've got in the past. So.. positive thinking is a great start, followed by affirmations to continue retuning your brain, but then it's about action, because only that will lead to new results. Plus, once you've accomplished your first goal, small as it may have been, it's so much easier to continue with something a little bigger.

Start small, but start NOW!