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The importance of focus and persistence

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In my understanding, the main reasons for failure are the lack of persistence and lack of focus. In fact, the entire chain from the initial idea all the way through to the materialisation (fulfillment of the desire or dream) is flawed.

In order to accomplish anything, we need a clear idea - an ideal. This ideal is rough, but visualisation (concentration in meditation) provides the details. Once that ideal has been set nothing and no one is allowed to alter this, including ourselves. Unfortunately, we are our own worst enemies, compromising the lofty ideals and visions we have with thoughts of inadequacy, but also a poverty consciousness, one that causes us not to believe in the actual fulfillment of our ideal.

So once it's set, it's set - come hell or high water (or both!) Then, as we've learnt in the past weeks, it's all about giving details to the rough ideal and imbuing this with feelings. These feelings are feelings of gratitude and feelings of enjoyment and feelings that a state of accomplishment would bring. This is so important, because we seem to be programmed in such a way that we see ourselves distanced from the fulfillment when in fact this should merge into a state, where the seeker and the seeked become one. You identify yourself with the object of desire and treat it as if it's already yours. Yes, your dream has already been fulfilled, because that's what you really want. You don't want to find yourself longing forever, no, you want the absolute certainty, the knowledge, that it's yours. And it becomes yours if you stick to the ideal, do not allow doubt or lack of anything to creep in, and if you treat it as an already accomplished fact. That's the signal - the thought - that you are sending to your subconscious mind on an ongoing basis. The subconscious doesn't argue but delivers, and if the thoughts come with the necessary force and consistency, you soon become what you think, at which time it will leave the realm of your conscious dealing with it. It's yours, and rightly so!

So, when you form your ideal, keep it! Hold it tight. It's yours! Nurture it as you would nurture a child or a plant. They need the same energy to grow as your ideal. Nothing difficult in there, right?

It takes discipline and a strong self-consciousness to "do" this, but the rewards are simply outstanding and worth every effort. You will see for yourself, so go ahead with your studies. You are halfway through the Master Key System - keep up the excellent work and let life shower you with blessings abundant.