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The Master Key System - a multi-dimensional approach

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I often get asked what the Master Key System is all about. I then try to summarize it as briefly and accurately as possible. Over time I realized that there many different, yet concurrent explanations. Some of them I'd like to list here, perhaps helping you gain a better understanding or seeing it from a different perspective.

  • Truth: The Master Key System is about the Truth. It explains what the Truth is, and how we can benefit from expressing the Truth in thoughts, words and actions. This is done by extensively explaining what "principle" is and what it means.
  • Hermetic Principles: The Master Key System is a practical approach and explanation of the seven Hermetic Principles, as laid out by Hermes Trismegistos.
  • Self-actualization: By means of the exercises, the Master Key System equips you with extended capabilities in all realms necessary for manifestation. It teaches you physical and mental control and relaxation. It trains and expands your visualization powers. It trains and extends your ability to concentrate on any subject given, thus initiating the process of influencing the Universal Substance, the source of all existence.
  • Self-appreciation: The Master Key System guides you towards the appreciation of things seen and unseen - within yourself but also within everything on the outside. It explains why it is so important to look beneath the surface, why the not so obvious details are the important and thus valuable ones. This way you learn to appreciate and acknowledge also those things that previously you would have termed "bad" or "negative". This in turn changes your entire outlook on life.
  • Self-realization: The Master Key System explains to you who you really are, what this thing we call "God" is, and how the two are connected. This way a vitally important element is added: motivation! Now knowing who you are and how you can tap into this Universal Substance to fulfill your dreams, you will get incredibly motivated to pursue your goals, rather than leaving them in the mental realm.

So, by knowing what the truth is, how the 7 Hermetic Principles function, how you use visualization and concentration to impress your thoughts on the Universal Substance, how you become appreciative of all of Existence, capable of observing well, as well as motivated to actually pursue your goals while feeling good and being supported by Faith, you are well on your way to making this life the very best you can.

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