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The Master Key System: requirements and practical introduction

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This article is aimed at those new to the Master Key System. It is meant to give you a good practical introduction as to what you can expect, but also what the requirements are for a successful completion. Please also check my Beginners Guid, as well as How to practice the MKS.

So without much ado, let's get the requirements out of the way before you can begin:

  • You have to accept that things can change for you and don't have to stay the same.
  • You have to show a good amount of discipline, for the course takes you at least six months.
  • You ideally have a quiet place where you can conduct the daily exercises.
  • You have to accept that there exists a universal intelligence higher than your own. It doesn't matter which name you use for this intelligence.
  • You have to accept that there is a link between you and this higher intelligence, and that you can impact on it by means of truthful thinking.
  • You have to have about 90 minutes time each day for your studies. These 90 minutes comprise of the daily reading of the respective chapter, plus the exercise.

That's about it. So if you are open to changing things, ready to accept a higher intelligence that you are connected to, and willing to make some sacrifices in terms of time and effort, you are all set.

Chapters with exercises

The Master Key System consists of 24 weekly chapters. Each one takes you about 30-45 minutes to read. Each chapter has a Questions and Answers section, and finishes off with an exercise. These exercises are compulsory. Omitting them results in an outstanding intellectual understanding of the creative process (aka Law of Attraction), but no more. It is the exercises that will equip you with new capabilities, which then have to be converted into daily application, for results are only possible if prior action has taken place.

The exercises are incremental and thus systematic. This is where the "system" of the Master Key System comes from. In the first weeks you learn about mental and physical control and relaxation. Then you learn to increase and hone your visualization skills - your ability to create new images in your mind of what you desire to have manifested. Then it's onto concentration exercises, for through concentration you impact on this higher intelligence and cause that substance to yield to your thoughts. Thoughts create things, as you will learn in Chapter 3.

What you can expect

One of the first and immediate results you will see is a sense of mental ease and well-being. Reading Charles Haanel's words will make you feel good inside, for they make immediate sense, even though you may still lack an understanding of the concepts. It is this feeling good about reading the text that will motivate you. You will want to know more - and that is a good thing.

The second result comes right on Day One, when you - perhaps for the first time ever - consciously sit still for 15-20 minutes. Sitting still soothes your muscles, your nerves and therefore your entire being.

The third result will not wait long before it appears. You will notice that things start to move in your mind. Your thoughts change, and you will see how you become more and more open to a "Yes, I can" attitude, which is a great motivator.

The fourth result is that you will become more aware of the use of language. Allow me to quote Charles Haanel from Chapter 15.

We know that the Universal Thought has for its goal the creation of form, and we know that the individual thought is likewise forever attempting to express itself in form, and we know that the word is a thought form, and a sentence is a combination of thought forms. Therefore, if we wish our ideal to be beautiful or strong, we must see that the words out of which this temple will eventually be created are exact; that they are put together carefully, because accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success.

The fifth result, other than feeling good, becoming more relaxed, positive changes in your mind and an awareness of the importance of language is an appreciation of things. Difficult to explain this in detail, but you start appreciating things for what they are, just because they are. That appreciation is very important, because it helps you see the positive in anything that happens. Notice here that "appreciation" and "positive" are directly related.

Obviously, these results or personal benefits only refer to the first couple of weeks of studying. With time you become more and more capable of controlling and releasing thought. You become more motivated, driven, peaceful, compassionate, understanding, and helpful. You will be able to create images in your mind and - according to your ability - turn them into reality. You will be able to concentrate on any given subject and this way become informed about that subject. This information you are able to classify and then use in whichever way you prefer. Your ability to control your mind forces will ultimately result in you controlling health, wealth and happiness, but more on that in a moment.

What you cannot expect right away

If you are entirely new to mental and spiritual science, you are well advised to take it slowly. No, the million dollars or euros will not happen overnight, and no, a possible sorry state of health will also not return to normal overnight, and no, that long desired life partner will also not appear out of thin air. As much as it is technically possible and as much as I wish it on you, we still live in a vibrational universe. This means that your life is the result of your predominant mental attitude. Not what you think every now and then, but what is the result of continuous and constant conscious thinking and feeling and doing, so much that it has been ingrained in your own Being - that it has become a part of you. Notice here the word "be-come", which expresses perfectly what it is all about.

For the first weeks, don't expect what you would call "miracles". Transformation, although with the capacity to be sudden and with a strong impact, does take time. It is a process of groth, of learning, practice and adaptation. My advice is to cherish and appreciate (there's the word again!) the small things. This way you learn to appreciate the big things too.

Sheer brilliance as you go along

As you continue with your studies, you will experience many "Aha!" moments! Step by step things fall into place. Step by step a giant picture of a brilliant scheme of creation emerges. Most importantly though, you will recognize your own role in this scheme. Week by week you will become more capable, more motivated, more interested, more knowledgeable, more calm, more sovereign, more powerful, healthier, more loving and understanding.

Yes, there will still be times where you feel a bit depressed, or rather overwhelmed. That's normal, as we all go in cycles and therefore underlie rhythms, some of which we aren't even aware of. So don't expect a linear, ever increasing amount of great stuff coming your way. Rather expect your ever increasing capability to deal with your environment, with people and circumstances. Also expect to become far more apt and willing to make your own choices, and that means to steer your own thoughts in the direction you want, because if you don't, others will do it for you - and you will get what THEY wanted, not what YOU wanted! Always keep that in mind! The Master Key System is about taking control of your life, about adjusting to natural rhythms and about getting into alignment with natural laws, not subjugating yourself to some external force or influence. It is about applied intelligence, about practical wisdom, about making your ideas and ideals come true through a systematic and logical process of creation.

You will discover and understand all the love and beauty and infinite potential that is resting within you. Step by step you will come to understand who you really are, what possibilities lie dormant within you, and how you can tap into this universal intelligence in order to create the very life for you that you desire. This revelation is difficult to describe with words. It's as if shackles and heavy weights are removed from you. You fell lighter. In fact, you feel enlightened, because this is exactly what is taking place. Enlightenment!

You will become aware of synchronicities. More and more things seem to "fall into place" for you, and you become aware of this falling into place, and express gratitude for it. It's a beautiful thing when that happens.

You will also become more motivated to get stuff done, for the limits that previously held you back are being removed one by one. And great things come to those who think and then do great things. Yes, it's not about an intellectual satisfaction only, but about turning this into practical application and therefore assisting or helping your fellow Man to also reach higher levels or live a better life. This way we all help each other live better, more peacefully and more healthily.

After the six months are over...

... you are very likely to start all over again. Yes, your MKS study doesn't end with the six months. You will refer back to previous chapters again and again. You will gain new insight by reading sentences that you have read many times before. Understanding develops gradually, yet "Aha!" or "Eureka!" moments will pepper and enhance your gradual process of understanding. The Master Key System is unlikely to leave you, for you now have entered a domain of mind development that has so much more in store for you, for us, and for Mankind in general. The times are over where you were a worm without an understanding of natural and cosmic laws. Now you are becoming a conscious co-creator with an ever increasing sense of power and well-being.

What about Health, Wealth and Happiness?

So what about health, wealth and happiness?, you may ask. The answer is plain and simple: they depend on your understanding and practical application of the knowledge you gained through your studies.

Financial wealth is always a result of some kind of product or service being created and marketed successfully. It is always a result of a value-added transaction of sorts, where you receive a portion of a much larger amount that has in the process enriched and benefited many other people. You will learn more about this in Chapter 8, when you come to appreciate that appearances are deceptive and that there is so much more to any given thing than first meets the eye.

Health is the result of a state of mind, which causes you to understand your physical and emotional vessel, and subsequently feed these vessels with only the best material. In addition, you ensure that the waste products are being removed, so that the cells do not suffer from self-intoxication and therefore a breakdown of the natural order of things. In plain words: you will eat healthy food, think healthy thoughts, cleanse yourself externally and internally, and obviously strengthen your body, too, while keeping it nice and subtle.

Happiness is the result of peace of mind, of balance, of gratitude, of understanding, and of being of service to others - just to mention a few. Happiness - like everything - comes to you through appreciation, through your recognition of it inside of you and outside of you. There are so many things you can be happy about, but if you don't see them and appreciate them, how can you be happy? Happiness comes and goes, but with the MKS you will become the master of your own happiness. You don't rely any more on others to make you happy. You claim it yourself, and what you ask for, you shall receive!

So there. Although things can and do happen overnight, understand that studying the Master Key System is a gradual process of unfolding and development; a gradual process of acquiring knowledge and of applying it in your daily life. Step by step you will become cognisant of your own capabilities and powers, which you will then use in order to derive a benefit from it. "Use is the condition", Charles Haanel tells us.

Now you are ready to go! Enjoy your studies and all the products and services that I have made available for you here on this website.