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The very beginning, part 2

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In the first post I gave a rough outline of what the Master Key System is about. As you will have gathered by now, the MKS is abstract. It explains a process - the creative process. It explains how you get from wish to fulfillment. It provides you with knowledge and - via the exercises - skills. Both are necessary for any change you'd like to effect in your life. They are necessary for your development, your evolution.

Now this post is not about anything abstract, but about the second side of the medal. As we live in a binary/dual system, there's a second side to any thing created. In this case this second side is you, yes, you! Why? Because although we are all one, we aren't all the same.

We all come from different backgrounds, are born on different days, were raised differently etc. And the very fact alone that we we born on different days imbues us with qualities that other people may lack - and vice versa.

This means in practice that there is no such thing as "one size fits all". In fact it's lethal. So whenever you embark on any program for mind and self development, you should first know about THY SELF. The temple in Delphi has been urging us since time immemorial to get to know ourselves better. This is of paramount importance, not only because it allows us to utilise the right tools at the right time, but it also makes us more successful. It's as simple as that.

So what does this second side of the medal look like? It "looks" like astrology, numerology and cardology. They help you identify your "blueprint". They tell you how you've been programmed, and what's in store for you this lifetime. They tell you about your strengths and your weaknesses.

Since 2014 I've been digging ever deeper into cardology. It's based on the little book of the seven thunders (the planets from Mercury to Neptune). 52 pages only, containing the 52 playing cards from Ace to King spread across the decks from hearts to spades.

This little book is the most amazing tool, because not only does it tell you your blueprint, but it also tells you where you - as an individual - stand right now, at age 26, 54 oder 62. Seven direct cards (again from Mercury to Neptune), as well as five cards with an annual influence - 12 in total. They tell you what's up this year, and this "what's" is different from last year, and will be different from next year.

Using the cards as a tool for shedding light into past, present and future, you will be able to "employ" the Master Key System on a whole new level. It's like one massive after-burner. In fact, it's indispensible if you want to be truly successful with the Master Key System.

So where to find out more about the cards?

If you are versed in German, you can find my own online app at

There is so much to say about this amazing and very accurate system that it would be too much for this post. Suffice to say that I highly recommend you acquainting yourself with it, because you will see how - in conjunction with the MKS - life becomes even more beautiful, much easier to life, and much more rewarding.

If you have a question, feel free to ask, or if you know the system, please share your own experiences with it.

Peace and blessings,