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The very beginning

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Preface: before we "begin" with anything, we need to acknowledge that a beginning isn't really one, but a continuation of something else with a different quality. So in essence there's no beginning and consequently no end.

The Master Key System speaks for itself. It's therefore highly recommended to read and re-read the sections as often as you can. Practice makes perfect.

The Master Key System is split into two distinct sections: the numbered text, and the exercises at the end of each lesson. The text enlarges your knowledge, whereas the exercises increase your capabilities. It's therefore paramount to practice them as often as you can. Reading and practicing.

Studying the Master Key System may be a bit daunting at first, but I'll break it down for you, so that you can dive right in. Contextually, the Master Key System can be split by the type of exercises the lessons contain.

  1. Physical control (Ch. 1)
  2. Mental control (Ch. 2)
  3. Physical relaxation (Ch. 3)
  4. Mental relaxation (Ch. 4)
  5. Visualisation (Ch. 5-10)
  6. Concentration (Ch. 11-24)

The entire study is aimed at increasing your capacity to control your body and your mind, and as a result relax body and mind. This results in a wonderful "phenomenon", which I call the "fuck-off" phenomenon. Why that? Because if you can control and relax, you don't give a hoot anymore as to what others think or say or what happens on the outside. You're always in control, and you're always relaxed. No one, I repeat, no one is capable any longer to throw you off balance. And that is worth its weight in gold.

This also paves the way to / makes room for creating your new future, because it all starts in your mind, with your thoughts, with your intention, attention and interest.

The schooling in visualisation techniques opens you up to the final step: concentration exercises. The purpose will become clear as you study the Master Key System, but let me pre-empt it: concentration leads to new subconscious patterns and therefore creations. By concentrating you impact profoundly on your subconscious mind, which is the source of all change in life - the change which you will finally and eventually notice by means of your 5 senses.

It's that easy, really, but it needs to be practiced, and that's why you are here, studying the Master Key System and implementing it into your daily life.

If you have questions, please do ask.

Peace and blessings,