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Understanding God or the Universal Consciousness

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Beginners often have problems understanding or "visualising" what we call God, or the Universal Consciousness. The very attempt to describe it would fail, as the absolute simply IS. It has no attributes other than pure Being.

In layman's terms you may liken it to a sea and a drop of water. A drop of water is OF the sea, but not the sea itself. You are OF this Universal Consciousness, but you are not IT, because there is so much more to it than you as an individual can possibly display or portray.

Another analogy may be one of the human organism, where all parts are connected through this entity called 'organism', but one part - say the liver - may not necessarily know what the lungs are doing, yet all together they define through their own inherent intelligence the organism itself. A lack of intelligence, meaning a lack of order and harmony, will then display itself in that organ, and we are then to restore this harmony once again, or else.

Through your own thinking, you are tapping into the Universal. What you think is what you then verbalize. Someone once said "The word is the name of God", and this is precisely it, because through your thinking you are attracting into your life new images and concepts, which you are then to talk about. The word as the result of your thought. And the very thing you think is the one you have created, by verbalizing you have given it shape and form and thus made the Unmanifest manifest.

I hope this has helped a little getting a grasp on this 'big thing', because once you have, plus identified your role in it, many boundaries and fears will fall away and you will be set on a wonderful path of self-liberalization.

Enjoy and Prosper!