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Visualisation - and then?

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I often get approached by people studying the Master Key System with the topic of visualization. They read or hear that they need to visualize what they wish to manifest in their life. However, there seem to be pieces missing in their puzzle, because it's just not working for them.

Visualization is of course an important ingredient in the process of manifestation, but it's still just one ingredient, and not the whole 'shebang'. In the Master Key System, we start dealing with it only in Chapter Five. The reason for this is obvious: first of all, a solid foundation needs to be laid. This is why the exercises of the first four parts deal with physical control, mental control, physical relaxation and mental relaxation. Based on that we can start creating coherent mental images, which is obviously very difficult if not impossible without physical and mental control and relaxation.

Before we embark on it, we should be clear about one thing: it's what Ophiel, author of The Art of Creative Visualization, calls the "Sphere of Availability". He provides the example of a beggar, for whom a rug is within his sphere of availability, but a luxury car is not. As your development in most cases is gradual, you should pick something that is within reach, and then work your way up from there.

Over and above that, you can visualize til the cows come home, but if your images are not imbued with feeling and if you don't reach the action phase, your mental images will remain just that. So ask yourself if you get into the feeling of already having what you are desiring and if you are acting on the additional information you are obtaining during visualization / concentration.

So, first create images that are within reach and that are believable, and then get cracking, because visualization by itself will get you better images, but that's about it.

Also remember, and that's something that Charles Haanel deals with later in the MKS, that you are NOT after material things, but after happiness and harmony. The material things are just tools to get you there, so they are means to an end, not the end itself.

Lastly, when it comes to money, remember that what you receive in the end, is a fraction of what you have to generate. If you wish to receive $10,000, you will have to create/initiate a value chain to the tune of $100,000. In that case at least $10,000 will be yours for sure. This means that you will have to set your sights so much higher, and this removes the selfish aspect from your thoughts and actions. Remember that what benefits one, must benefit all!

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