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My Master Key System Study Service is one of a kind. For the entire duration of your studies you are receiving two emails a week, plus a video for each of the 24 chapters. There's nothing comparable anywhere in the world - except for my German offering, which is even more extensive than what you find here.

Hello, and thank you for visiting. My name is Helmar Rudolph, and I'd like to tell you a story. It's my personal story, but of tremendous importance to you.

Whether you know me or not isn't relevant. There is, however, one thing we have in common: We both went through school (and perhaps university and apprenticeship) without ever learning how we operate as spiritual beings having a human experience. We had no clue how to attract things from the non-physical realm, be they material or non-material. We were told to believe or to pray, but was that enough? Not for me. I always wanted to know more; wanted to know the missing link between the physical and the metaphysical side. This question was comprehensively answered when I found the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. Ever heard of him? No? You should, so read on.

At school they taught us our mother tongue, natural sciences, geography, history, religion, maths etc - all neatly separated into different subjects. They taught us how to memorise details, like 'who fell off which horse what year in which war on which battlefield', as I half-jokingly like to put it, yet nothing about health, wealth and happiness. We learnt the useless stuff, and drew a complete blank on what really mattered.

Later on we left school with a knowledge of all those memorised details. "So?", I hear you ask. Well, that's like taking an alarm clock, throwing it against the wall, picking up a single cog, and then saying: "Uhmmm... that must be part of an alarm clock."

Worse still, we weren't taught how to think properly. Most of us today can't differentiate between "thinking" and "having thoughts". We weren't taught who we really are. We weren't taught how we are connected to everything that exists. And we weren't taught how to use this connection to live a fulfilled, successful and happy life. We were taught to become factors of production - some higher up the ladder, others eeking out a measily existence in an increasingly technological, ruthless and competitive environment, where the lowest cost seems to be all that matters.

In short: we've learnt nothing about our role as conscious, thinking beings that is at any given moment co-creating the experience that we call "life". Thus far most of us lived a life wrapped in many layers of foreign influences - that of our family, our culture, our socialisation, friends, the media and for good measure the church probably. too  - anything, but not our own! At least that's what happened to me. The years that followed were the result of the programming I received - and I didn't really like the results! Something had to change, and where someone asks, someone's answering - no exception!

I've been following your study guide for 10 weeks now and it is helping me tremendously. I have been reading (yes, reading) the MKS before but I now stay committed and actually practice the exercises as advised. Already noticing some changes.

- Edwin Van Westrhenen, Netherlands

A new life with the Master Key System

In 2006 I watched Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret". That night the penny dropped - after 40 years! I realised that all power to a life abundant was only waiting for my claim - and it was waiting right within me. Until then I had no access to it - I simply didn't know; I didn't have the key! I lacked the right consciousness - the right thoughts, emotions, and actions. In short: I needed the right knowledge to do the right things at the right time in order to make my dreams come true, and not only once, but every single time!

On The Secret's website I stumbled across a link to the Master Key System, followed it, found an online version at Simon Templeton's, downloaded it, saved it into PDF, printed it  - and swallowed it whole. I was captivated, and I was done!

Being German, but living in South Africa for over 20 years, I immediately checked if there was a German version, but to no avail. I decided to create one without much further thought. This resulted in a fantastic success that catapulted me into a completely new orbit. I found a source for my own creative drive and desire, and I have never looked back since.

Over 62.000 hardcover books were sold. Thousands of audio products. 8.000 people in the study service. Over a hundred talks, presentations, workshops, and seminars on three continents, from Colombia to Latvia, from Germany to South Africa. Radio and TV interviews followed. Over 2.3 million views and 19.000 subscribers on Youtube (Mar. 2019). A DVD, a meditation CD, a children's book, a book on instant success written in only 24 hours. Webinars, VIP coaching - you name it, I've done it. All as a result of a simple decision to make the Master Key System my new calling.

I also made my childhood dream come true and purchased a Maserati Quattroporte. There's more, still: I completely changed my approach to my Self and how I see the world around me. I also made countless friends all over the world, who are enriching me as much as I add value to their life.

My drive and determination is second to none. In fact, all the points I am listing further down have manifested in my own life. It's what you can expect by studying the Master Key System! All this has resulted in me slowly growing into what is now running under the brand "Mr. Master Key". Prior to that I wasn't exactly a failure, but operating way below my true capability - I just didn't have "the key" to unlock this amazing potential.

I was one of the first Database Marketing and Relationship Consultants in the world. As a result of my work and initiative, I was bestowed flattering titles like "Relationship Marketing Guru", "The Da Vinci of the Internet", "A true genius", "The new Einstein of Marketing". Impressive, by any means, but the problem was that I had no consciousness for all those accolades and praises. Consequently, I couldn't and didn't appreciate all I had done, and derived no benefit from it. That, however, was about to change.

Now this is where we want to be: at the Master Key System. When I found it, I realised that nothing can and will truly and substantially come to me, unless I develop a consciousness for it. Nothing can and will come to me unless I combine intention, attention, and interest, and convert this into tangible values.

When I found out that you were offering a course on the master key system I was very interested. You are the only person I have heard describe The Master Key System correctly, as a course of study, not a self help book.

- Steve Carey, USA

My involvement on the German market led to the development of a number of products and services. Well, let me rephrase it: I created those products and services. I did nothing but apply what I learnt in the Master Key System. Although most of my Master Key System activities centre around the German-speaking market, it became obvious that I had to do something on the English side, too.

Early in 2010 I finally released the Master Key System Centenary Edition (available on with a completely new look and feel. I added annotations, pullquotes and images of the people Charles Haanel referred to. My goal: to make it as easy as possible for you to understand this amazing teaching.

I also published the Master Key BrainCharger, a premium student handbook that would be your trusty companion for the next 6 months. In April 2014 I revised both books in terms of design and typography. I created a unique online study service. It consists of 50 emails (2 per week), as well as a video for each of the 24 chapters of the Master Key System. I also created something the world hasn't seen before: the Visual Master Key, a 360 degrees cylindrical panorama with nearly 200 keywords from the Master Key System and beyond.

In 2012 I added a music CD, Cloudwalk, because for many years I was looking for a musical representation of the Master Key System. As there was none, I created my own - as you would expect. I utilised the Internet and its splendid offerings to make all this happen, and create active and passive income, enriching my life in many splendid ways.

In 2017 I created a professionally recorded audio book of the Master Key System. Yes, there are others on the market, but none of them met my expectations. I hired a professional voice-over artist Peter Baker from the UK, and got music specifically composed for this purpose by the Armenian master composer, Armen Synytsyn.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful and insightful answers to my questions. I have read our email exchanges over and over and keep a copy with my other study material. Your replies have truly helped me move forward and I am so thankful.

- Ann Walker, Georgia, USA

You realise from these few lines about my professional life that:

  • I know the Master Key System!
  • I am letting rip!
  • I am living an awesome life!
  • I am making my dreams come true one by one!

And this, my dear friend, is where I want you to experience, too! If you're on tenterhooks, please read on, because it gets even better!

The study course Helmar Rudolph is offering is an excellent complement to the Master Key System. It is helping me to have a much deeper, richer understanding of Haanel's work, and gives me the encouragement and support to actually apply the principles in my life!

- Alex Mathieson, UK

The end of all illusions!

  • The Master Key System is no Quick-Fix for entrenched belief systems or behavioural patterns - it's a study that takes time, discipline and diligence. But that input of yours will be richly rewarded with every breath you take!
  • It has nothing to do with the traditional definition of Esoterics – it's a scientific explanation of the creative process through the application of natural laws!
  • It's no "genie in the bottle" that changes your life overnight - it requires mental work. Without that, you will only yield average results, and pretty little will change in your life.
  • It's no religion – it's solely about your practical understanding of the creative process, and it deals only with you and your newly gained capabilities!
  • It's no sect – there is no leader, no organisational structure, no dogma, no recurring membership fees, no asking for donations. Only practical knowledge about laws that are in operation whether you know them or not. If you do know them, you can use them. That's why you are here.
  • It's not another one of the millions of books out there - it's the most concise and practical course to fulfil your dreams, desires and ambitions. Full stop!

This course is fantastic, incredible and more should know about it. I'm so lucky to have found it.

- Nishil Raichura, UK

7 Reasons why you should be studying the Master Key System

When you are ready to take your life into your own hands, you've arrived at the right place. Here are seven reasons why the Master Key System is standing tall and high above all else:

  1. It has a logical and easy to understand structure and flow. It does, however, aim at training your intuitive faculties, so that you have to rely less and less on your conscious mind.
  2. It's free from a particular line of thought, although Haanel being a Christian, frequently refers to the Scripture to show you that it was all written down there already.
  3. In a unique way it connects the Christian doctrine of "love thy neighbour" with the Freemason's credo of "chipping on your own stone", read: constant improvement of your own capabilities.
  4. It contains an extraordinary depth. Even years later you will gain additional insight from the same lines. Well, that's how consciousness works, my friend!
  5. Each of the chapters has an exercise. It them that'll make you more capable and powerful. Reading alone will do nothing but satisfy your intellectual curiosity.
  6. I am offering you the most professional support you will find anywhere in the world. You ask, I answer. I've been through it before with thousands of German speaking students. No matter what, I've heard it all. And I've learnt to find the answers - answers I am now ready to share with you.
  7. You can decide upon the pace of your studies. It's all about you and your self-empowerment. It's got nothing to do with other people, systems or structures.

I must tell you I am blown away by your videos. I just wished I spoke your language. It expands my thinking! And I will savor the four videos you made in English.

- Valerie Bulinski

What's in it for you!

  • You will become more knowledgeable and more wise.
  • You will learn how to handle and manage your own belief systems, and those of other people.
  • You will become far more creative and determined to make your dreams come true!
  • Your relationship with other people becomes much more harmonious.
  • Other people appreciate you more as the appreciation for yourself increases.
  • You will gain in physical strength and flexibility.
  • You will change your dietary regime to reflect your changes in thinking.
  • You will become more courageous and determined.
  • You will become more loving, understanding and compassionate.
  • You will become more balanced and sovereign in all relations.
  • You will become richer in any way imaginable.
  • You recognise opportunities and seize them, too.
  • Your verbal communication becomes more selective, thoughtful and calm.
  • You control your emotions, rather than being controlled by them.
  • You become more confident.
  • Your relationship with plants and animals is becoming more harmonious, too.

The MKS, one of the most powerful journeys you will ever experience, is nicely complemented by Helmar's study service. The articles and videos are brilliant compliments to the MKS, helping you in many ways along your journey. Not to mention, Helmar is a great guy. Highly recommended!

- Kiran S. Sambih

As you can see, there is hardly an area in your life that remains unaffected. All you need is the right kind of support to ensure that you finish what you have begun. And that's why you are here, reading this right now. The world is your oyster, and all that you put your mind to is waiting to be "realised" - in the truest sense of the word! All this can hardly be paid for with money!

Get the best study support - sign up now!

In order for you to get the most out of the Master Key System, to motivate and inform you, I'm offering a study service at a fantastic price of only €59.00 - about US$63.00. Sign up for a full 24 weeks of professional support! Click the button below to get instant access to the videos and start the email service! Yes, for only 59.00 Euro you will get:

  1. Two emails per weekfor at least six months with a summary of each part, explanations on the exercise, as well as personal insights
  2. A checklist to monitor your progress, with book recommendations and tips and tricks
  3. A 13-50 minute video on each of the 24 parts of the Master Key System - over 12 hours in total!
  4. Personal tips and video recommendations
  5. Access to a forum where I will reply to any question you may still have
  6. Personal email access with a max. 24 hour response time

To start enjoying all this, click on the button below to purchase this service. Afterwards you will be returned here to complete the sign-up process - all done with a few simple steps.

I am looking forward to serving you on the most amazing, fulfilling and rewarding journey of your life!

Peace and Blessings and Abundance in all relations,

Helmar Rudolph
Cape Town, South Africa

PS: Satisfaction guaranteed! If you are not entirely satisfied with this service, I shall refund you in full - no questions asked!