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Picture of a book cover of The Kybalion

The Kybalion

The Kybalion is the core around which the Master Key System builds and expands. Officially it's authored by the Three Initiates, but chances are that it's been written by one person only, namely William Walker Atkinson.

The Kybalion is way more abstract than the Master Key System, and will be enjoyed most with some esoteric and spiritual background information.  It extols on the 7 Hermetic Principles, namely:

1. Mentality
2. Correspondence
3. VIbration
4. Polarity
5. Rhythm
6. Cause & Effect
7. Gender

These 7 principles are the absolute foundation and cornerstone of our entire existence, and knowing how to "deal" with them greatly improves upon your quality of life.


The Master Key System study service by Helmar Rudolph has touched many a heart since it was first released. Here are some testimonials from happy campers. Enjoy!
When I found out that you were offering a course on the master key system I was very interested. You are the only person I have heard describe The Master Key System correctly, as a course of study, not a self help book.
Steve Carey
The MKS, one of the most powerful journeys you will ever experience, is nicely complemented by Helmar’s study service. The articles and videos are brilliant compliments to the MKS, helping you in many ways along your journey. Not to mention, Helmar is a great guy. Highly recommended!
Kiran S. Sambih
United Kingdom
I’ve been following your study guide for 10 weeks now and it is helping me tremendously. I have been reading (yes, reading) the MKS before but I now stay committed and actually practice the exercises as advised. Already noticing some changes.
Edwin van Westrhenen