3. Mar 2019



A very warm welcome to the new English-only website here at mrmasterkey.com. Since the new design went online in 2015, many things changed. One of the biggest issues on that site was the languages setting. The site runs on a German installation with pretty much everything localised. Nothing wrong with that, unless you do also have English-language customers. And that's been the case for almost 10 years now.

My entire (ad)venture started in 2007 with the first-ever German translation. This kicked off an avalanche of interest, so quite naturally my main focus still falls onto that market, and the large number of products and services are testament to that.

That said, me living in Cape Town, South Africa, always included an English element, and I didn't want to neglect it. So over the years I published five distinctly English-language products:

  1. The Master Key System Centenary Edition - the original, only better. New format, lots of explanatory commentary in the page margins, a learner-friendly layout as well as the complete introduction from a 1941 edition published in the UK.
  2. The Master Key BrainCharger - a premium student handbook that accompanies your studies, tests your proficiency and helps you along the way.
  3. The Visual Master Key - a 360 degrees cylindrical panorama with over 200 keywords from the Master Key System, systematically arranged in cluster form and freely navigatable.
  4. The Master Key System Study Service - with a video and two emails for each of the 24 chapters, explaining, enhancing and motivating all along the students' studies.
  5. The Master Key System Audio Book - at last a professionally recorded version of the Master Key System. Spoken without an US-accent by a British voiceover artist, and musically enhanced by a professional composer and producer from the Ukraine.

Now all this required some kind of web presence, and that's where the cookie crumbled. You could purchase #3 #4 and #5 at mrmasterkey.com, but then all the backend stuff and messages should have been in English too. Well, they weren't. I tried my best with custom pages and menus, but that just wasn't good enough.

After a few more customer complaints and gentle nudges I finally succumbed and created this site. Here you are, at this time, in this place - welcome!. All English, no German, fast-loading and soon providing you with everything you need from me - and more.

As of the time of writing the site only provides the basics. Soon it will be complete, and you can enjoy your products purchased here, as well as a community forum for an intelligence exchange.

The beauty is that you will still purchase everything at www.mrmasterkey.com, yet access your goodies right here. Why? Because the two domains share a single user database, so you're able to access your downloads "here" although you've purchased it "there".

With this I will finish this blog entry and wish you a great time. If you have any requests or wishes, pleaset let me know if the comment section.

Peace and blessings,


PS: The cover photo and the featured image on this site/page are by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash

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