11. Sep 2019

New MKS community forum


Way back there once was an English language forum on mrmasterkey.com. It's been a long time since, and there was no way for owners of my book and/or study service to exchange views and help each other with their studies. This has now changed.

I have set up a new forum on this website, exclusively for my customers. Guests can currently view the forum, but not participate. All of my customers have been set up to participate. All that's needed is a valid login.

I wish you a wonderful time with other Master Key System students, and all the best with your studies. And yes, even if you've concluded your course, I recommend the MKS to never leave your side, because as you progress in life, you will benefit tremendously from re-reading Charles Haanel's seminal teaching.

If you don't own my MKS Centenary Edition book or my Study Service online course, and would still like to participate in the forum, please contact me via the link above in the menu.

Peace and blessings,


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